Değer Law Firm, whose foundations were laid in 1995, is one of the largest law firms in Gaziantep in terms of the number of lawyers working. With 14 Lawyers, 5 Lawyers Mediators, 3 Trainee Lawyers and more than 45 personnel, he performs legal services in his own building. Value Law Firm represents large-scale Turkish - International companies and financial institutions, and successfully carries out mediation, private litigation, legal consultancy and professional corporate enforcement services.

Değer Law Firm; It provides professional legal services in the fields of Mediation (compulsory-voluntary), Litigation (private-corporate), Enforcement-Bankruptcy Files and Legal Consultancy services. All kinds of physical-technical-personnel environment has been provided in the office in order to provide the best service within the framework of institutionalization identity.


Değer Law Firm aims to provide legal services in accordance with international standards in the field of law, in a professional manner and strictly adhering to ethical rules.

With its institutionalized structure; It is aimed to solve the files and transactions followed in the office in the shortest time and in the most effective way, using all the ways allowed by the law, and to result in the highest level of efficiency in the files. The bureau continues its institutional progress by making up-to-date breakthroughs within the framework of new laws, developing economies and technologies.

Değer Law Firm; With its experience from the past, it continues on its way with the aim of providing quality legal services.